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What Is Interwoven Worksite?

The Interwoven Worksite Document Management System is a robust, full-featured document management software and collaboration tool. This means that it provides almost all of the functionality described in the Document Management section, as well as many indispensible collaboration features not typically found in a Document Management framework.

Our clients that have incorporated Worksite MP into their business processes usually experience the following benefits:

Improved Decision Making
  • More thorough research through central repository search capabilities
  • Organized compilation of data
  • Stronger presentation of data
  • Simplicity of sharing data with internal teams, as well as applicants
Closing Deals Faster
  • Easier to compile and track research
  • Quicker research through search capabilities
  • Stronger collaboration and better communication with other teams through shared files and Collaborative Workspaces
Time Savings Through Increased Efficiency

Workers save time through the simplicity of saving files in appropriate, designated locations -- and then again by being able to quickly locate and retrieve files. Users share files to reduce duplication of efforts, as well as system clutter.

An Integrated Solution
  • LDAP: for added security and control through identity and access management
  • Business Applications: to automate the saving and retrieval of files directly from applications used on a daily basis
  • Scanner Integrations: save steps by scanning and saving directly into the central repository
Easily Searchable Repository
  • Metadata attached to all files¬†-- in many cases automatically
  • Standard and custom searches
  • Enables reuse and repurposes of files
  • Facilitates rapid and through research
Version Control and Audit

The system allows only one user at a time to edit a shared file. In addition, audit capabilities allow clients to track when a document has been accessed, modified or deleted and by whom.


The WorkSite MP security framework allows business leads to define the levels of access granted to each user, group or department for given content. Users permissions can be managed by project, folder or on a specific document itself.


"...far too many enterprises overlook a product with a powerful combination of document management and team collaboration capabilities. It's a product that also facilitates enterprise-wide adoption, excels at ease of use for both users and administrators, and provides excellent desktop integration with Microsoft Office. The product? Interwoven WorkSite. It's the best-kept secret in document management . . . and should be considered in any enterprise DM evaluation..."

Forrester Research
December 2005
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